Commercial Contracts Lawyers in Amsterdam, Netherlands who are Practical & Cost-effective for your Commercial Contracts and Agreements.

Many businesses entrust their legal matters to a business contract lawyer. In general, business contract lawyers will draft, negotiate, evaluate, and design legal contract agreements in line with applicable laws and client requirements. Infinity Legal Solutions contract lawyers will assist you with drafting, review and negotiation of an appropriate contract taking into account all your business needs and evaluating them against applicable legal and compliance requirements.

Contract lawyers Netherlands creates or review a contract before it is signed ensuring that your company’s interests are safeguarded. Business Contract Lawyers assist businesses in establishing the documentation they require to operate a successful business by reducing risk and safeguarding their interests considering addressing all worst case scenarios. Smart legal contracts are essential for both maximizing the benefits of your commercial relationships and protecting your firm in the event of a dispute.

Any commercial contract you need (whether B2B or B2C) Infinity Legal Solutions can provide, we can draft, review and negotiate these contracts for you, to a name a few:

  • NDA(non-disclosure agreement) or Confidentiality agreement
  • All procurement contracts for goods and services
  • Service agreements (IT and non IT agreements)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) contracts
  • License Agreements
  • Consultancy agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Teaming Agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • General terms and conditions of sale of goods and services
  • General terms and conditions for purchase of goods and services
  • Website: Terms of use, privacy notice, cookie notice
  • Apps: terms and conditions of use, privacy notice, cookie notice
  • Terms and conditions for use of digital and/or connected products and services
  • Alliance and Reseller Agreement
  • Vendor Agreements

And many more…

Infinity Legal Solutions takes pleasure in being able to give prompt, practical, and accurate legal advice that is also commercially viable for your company. We possess:

  • Understanding of business practices, as well as the legal ramifications of those practices
  • a thorough understanding of the substantive law
  • A thorough understanding of our clients’ business requirements
  • With commercial contracts, we assist businesses of all sizes and sectors.

We can provide solid legal advice that is commercially focused, whether you’re a tiny new business or a larger established corporation, so you can focus on accomplishing your business goals without worrying about legal difficulties.

Smart legal contracts are vital in business because they define both parties’ expectations, protect both parties if those expectations aren’t satisfied, and lock in the price for services.

If you would like a free legal advise, contact Infinity Legal Solutions! If you are based in Amsterdam and would like a free legal advise Amsterdam contact Infinity Legal Solutions for a free session!

Contract law services

Depending on the market and the contract’s intended use, different terms and responsibilities will have varied consequences for the parties. To resolve commercial disagreements and avoid litigation, we have a competent staff on hand. We determine together with you your negotiation strategy, position and reply accordingly. A good contract considers future commitments and accommodates the changing nature of business.

contract law services

Smart legal contracts

smart legal contracts

You are running a smart, modern fast paced business so why should your contracts remain old fashioned and outdated?

Dealing with millennials or generation Z as your consumers? Did you know that many times consumer authorities and courts have set aside a company’s terms and conditions or legal document because they are too complicated for consumers to understand? Consumers cannot be expected to hire lawyers to help them understand a company’s policy or legal terms and conditions or contracts in relation to goods or services they offer.

In order to build consumer trust, it is crucial to explain the terms and conditions on which you provide services or goods in a very simple, easy and clearly understandable language. These are called smart legal contracts. Smart legal contracts are a set of building blocks which you can customize according to the products, goods or services you offer.

By offering terms and conditions or legally binding agreements in a simple, understandable language, you help your consumer connect with you better and decreases chances of legal dispute in the future.

Infinity Legal Solutions is a law firm in the Netherlands offers smart legal contracts according to your business needs and provide instructions on how to use them most effectively for your business.

IT contract review

If you are an IT service provider, you know by default that IT services are quite unique and therefore cannot be covered by general legal contracts. You need specific IT contracts depending on the services you offer, whether it is end to end IT outsourcing, consulting services, license agreement, software as a service or any other digital services which may require terms of use, terms and conditions of services etc. The concept of warranty, liability, maintenance is very different from traditional good and services therefore requires specific IT contracts.

On the other hand, if you are a customer looking for an IT service or solution, there are many key topics to think about, such as a clear description of product you are getting, warranty, maintenance , service level agreements, uptime, downtime and the list continues. IT services and solutions are a complex and different category that requires legal expert with experience who can help you secure a good IT contract. Remember IT contract is not only about IT services or solutions, but a big part of your compliance is also managed by IT companies as well – think of how they will process your personal data, do they have adequate technical and organizational measures in place? What would they do in case the data that your company entrusted the IT company is being hacked? Think of competition issues or export control issues that may occur due to an incorrect implementation of IT system or solution.

Infinity Legal Solutions has a team of experts who can help you draft, review and negotiate an IT contract whether you are the IT service provider or a customer who wants to procure IT services. It is crucial to take specific advise before you sign the IT contract.

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