Typically depending on area of expertise, a law firm in the Netherlands provides advise to its clients in relation to legal and compliance matters.

Among the legal services provided by the law firms in the Netherlands are the following:


  • Legal representation of one party’s interests against another, whether or not before courts or judicial bodies, by members of the Bar or under their supervision
  • In civil situations, legal assistance and representation are available.
  • In criminal proceedings, legal assistance and representation are available.
  • On behalf of the government, legal advice and representation are provided.
  • The following legal papers require general counselling, advising, and/or preparation:
  • Articles of incorporation, partnership agreements, or other documents related to the formation of a business
  • Copyrights and patents
  • Deeds, wills, and trusts are all things that we do.
  • Other civil law activities of notaries public Notaries, bailiffs, arbitrators, examiners, and referees are all examples of professionals who work in the legal field.
  • Courts of civil and criminal law, military tribunals, and the legal system’s administration and operation
  • Execution of judgements and legal interpretations
  • Civil cases are arbitrated.
  • Contract ddrafting, negotiation closure
  • Compliance advise – anti trust (competition), privacy, exports control, anti bribery anti corruption

What are examples of legal services Netherlands


Infinity Legal Solutions’ antitrust and competition advisors assist clients in a wide range of sectors in resolving their most difficult issues. Our internationally renowned lawyers regularly handle issues of all sizes and scopes, and we are proud to offer a full range of related services,

Multinational corporations, financial institutions, investors, and entrepreneurs face challenging difficulties that have a significant influence on their enterprises in a rapidly changing global commercial and regulatory environment. Our corporate lawyers work with clients all over the world to negotiate these issues, react to regulatory change, and complete transactions.

From cross-border acquisitions, divestitures, and mergers to joint ventures, spinoffs, and distressed acquisitions, our transactional lawyers can help public and private companies, leading financial institutions, private equity and investment funds, funding sources, investors, and emerging companies in high-profile and complex transactions.

Managing cross-border compliance and risk is becoming increasingly critical to financial institutions as regulatory frameworks become more complex and worldwide. Failure to do so is likely to harm both organisations and individuals’ reputations and result in harsh sanctions.

We help our clients navigate current and future compliance difficulties, both strategic and operational, across all key geographies, and give world-class insight into developing regulatory trends, expectations, and needs.

Regulatory demands on organisations’ governance and risk assessment models continue to rise, as does the emphasis on individual accountability, which can only be satisfied by good rules and processes.

Only by having a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations that govern the operational environment can successful models be created.

We go above and beyond theory. We get down to business and work with our clients to build and implement governance and risk management structures that pass the test of clear responsibility, accountability, and efficiency.

Data protection and Privacy


Data has turned into the lifeblood of international trade and data is the “new oil”. The commercial value of data has expanded substantially in the digital economy, as organisations try to use data to forecast and respond to their customers in ways that were previously impossible.

Our data protection and privacy practise includes advising on data transfers, subject access requests, employee monitoring and surveillance, cyber security, data breaches, data retention, binding corporate rules (BCR) and global data compliance.

We are also involved in thought leadership aspects of data protection and privacy, including study of legal and industry developments in the data protection and privacy sectors and their influence on our clients and our practice. This has resulted in articles being published, webinars being held, and clients receiving strategic counsel.

Our strategy is to provide practical and commercially viable solutions to our clients’ data protection and privacy concerns, with a strategic focus on maximising data value while minimising legal and reputational risks. As a result, our team is in the best position to give our clients with comprehensive and strategically relevant data protection guidance.

We have a diverse set of mandates (both contentious and non-contentious) from customers in both the public and private sectors. This means that we have a broad and deep base of knowledge from which to deliver intelligent and pragmatic recommendations.

cyber and data security team, offers an unrivalled breadth and depth of experience. We can provide advice on cyber security issues wherever they arise, even in different countries at the same time if an incident necessitates it. To manage data incidents, we engage closely with third-party professionals such as forensic consultants, PR consultants, and others as needed.

Our experts provide guidance throughout the whole cyber security lifecycle, including cyber risk management and consulting services before to an occurrence, incident response (including data breaches), and non-contentious transactional and project work.

We provide advice across the whole cyber security lifecycle, including cyber risk management and advisory services before to an occurrence, incident response (including data breaches), and non-contentious transactional and project work.

Data breaches and cyber security crises necessitate a swift, decisive, and multidisciplinary response. This is made possible by our unrivalled breadth and depth of knowledge in cyber security, data privacy, financial services regulatory, corporate crime and investigations, dispute resolution, insurance, and employment.

Legal and Compliance by Design


We understand that our clients are under growing resource constraints and need to simplify and streamline their processes. Our Legal Process Design professionals assist in the development of better, leaner process solutions for the management of legal services.

We collaboratively investigate the most effective approach to deliver a particular project or work-type through legal process design workshops, with a heavy focus on efficiency and user experience. This usually entails:

Exploration of pain points and priorities; distillation of complex workloads into simple, visual roadmaps; bringing teams together around common goals and ensuring that people are empowered to focus on those goals; and making tailored recommendations (including automation and technology) that align with strategic priorities and deliver value to the business.

Our team uses a variety of well-known process and design approaches, such as Lean, Design Thinking, and Futures Design, to accomplish this.

We can also help you think through key business challenges and how to address them, test ideas for your own innovation and transformation agenda, and support your decision-making.

In recent years, the hazards linked with bribery and corruption have risen considerably.

Long-arm regulations such as Foreign Corrupt Practices Act are being actively implemented, a multitude of domestic legislation has evolved, and regulators and law enforcement agencies around the world are scrutinizing businesses like never before.
All of this means that businesses must be able to successfully avoid, identify, and respond to bribery and corruption occurrences wherever they do business.

To ensure that customers of all sizes are completely prepared to meet their compliance duties and prevent difficulties, we provide risk assessments, training, due diligence, internal reviews, document writing, ESG-related reviews, and other guidance.

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Companies in the Information Technology, food industry, industrial manufacturing, insurance, financial services, and pharmaceutical/life science, FMCG industries including B2B or B2C are among the sectors that are serviced by us.

We have extensive experience and knowledge of legal and compliance topics including competition law, merger control, commercial contracts, negotiations, compliance, EU sanctions, trade rules/export control, state aid, free movement, regulated sectors, and government and regulatory affairs are among the issues we handle in Netherlands Law Firms.