Cyber security is becoming more and more important and is a real risk to the business.

Common forms of cybercrimes are phishing, vishing, sms-ishing, ransomware, identity theft, APTs (advanced persistent threats), denial of service attacks and much more..

Usually intention of cybercrimes is data theft, financial frauds, password stealing, disturbance, ransom, personal information theft.

A cyber-attack could result into multiple breaches or violations of laws and regulations by your organization, eg. Data breaches, breaches of confidentiality, trade sanctions or export controls breaches, etc.

We can help you prepare better and support in case of cyber-attacks.

We help create awareness and prepare a cyber incident response procedure.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Cybersecurity and data privacy are intertwined topics. Since more and more companies offer digital services and certainly store personal data digitally in the cloud security of personal data is becoming more and more important.

Privacy laws and GDPR have a strong focus on protection of personal data of individuals. This protection of personal data is only possible when organizations deploy adequate technical and organizational measures to safeguard personal data.

Failure to secure personal data and privacy of individuals by organizations results into personal data breach. This means that there was an unauthorized access to personal data of the individual and it constitutes a personal data breach.

There are strict requirements and short timelines to report a personal data breach within 72 hours to data protection authorities with EU. Non compliance may result into severe consequences including fines and penalties.

Personal data breach examples include theft of a device containing personal data such as laptop, phone, hacking into companies’ network by an unauthorized party, inadvertent mistake where the personal data of individuals were accessed by unauthorized employees within the company, such as access to HR data folder not properly restricted.

Infinity Legal Solutions can help you assess the cyber security and data privacy readiness for your company, help you identify the gaps and take simple, practical measures to safeguard your organization and as a result become more compliant.

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